Concours de la francophonie 2017

Concours de la francophonie 2017

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The Institut français d’Écosse haved launched the second edition of their new Concours de la francophonie to encourage all young French learners and their teachers across Scotland.


It is organised in two phases, local semi-finals in December 2016, and national final in January 2017.
Winners will be invited to celebrate “la journée mondiale de la francophonie” on Friday 17 March 2017 in

Entries and categories

To participate, you need to submit a short video of maximum 5 minutes in French, e.g. a short drama piece, a dialogue, a song, etc.

There are 4 categories:

  1. P1/P4
  2. P5/P7
  3. S1/S3
  4. S4/S6

In primary, you may want to film a regular activity in French or a song you have prepared in class, a
game, or a small dialogue etc.

In secondary, students need to show their communication skills in French, so a song is not receivable at
that level. Students may want to conduct interviews in their school or create a short drama or else.

How to take part in the semi-finals

If you teach in a public school, please contact your Council Modern Languages Development Officer in
charge of organising a local semi-final in December 2016.

If you teach in an independent school, please send your entries to by 14th
December. The Institut français d’Écosse and the Alliance française of Glasgow will be choosing the
independent school semi-finalists on 19th December 2016.

National jury

A national jury will select the best production in each category in January and results will be public at
the end of January.

Our criteria to select the winners:

  • The participation of ALL in the class
  • The creativity of the piece
  • The students should speak/sing clearly in French

The end product is at the level of the student, not too easy, not too difficult.


The four winning teams will be invited to celebrate la journée mondiale de la francophonie at the
University of Edinburgh on Friday 17 March 2017. The celebration will include workshops in French and
an award ceremony. Winning teams will receive a selection of French books and will be offered
transport and lunch. The winning teams who are not able to travel that day will win a French immersion
day in their school at a later date in the spring.

The runner-up teams will win a selection of French books.

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