SALT Competition 2017

SALT Competition 2017

SALT Schools Competition 2017



There are four categories in this years competition: Primary & BGE, National 5, Higher, and Advanced Higher.

Primary and BGE

The theme is I love Languages Because and students can submit their entries in any format (PowerPoint, poster, song, poem, etc).

National 5

Sponsored by Radio Lingua Schools

Radio Lingua logo

Students are asked to write a job application for a vacancy at Radiolingua.


You are applying to be a summer intern with Radio Lingua and you need to submit a covering email in the language you are learning. To help you to write your email, you have been given the following checklist:

  • Personal details (name, age, where you live)
  • School/college/education experience until now
  • Skills/interests you have which make you right for the job
  • Related work experience
  • When you are available to work in the summer
  • Your future career plans

You must address all of the above points.

The e-mail should be 120–150 words and you may use a dictionary.


  • What are you studying at school this year?
  • Why do you think it is important to study languages?
  • How do you plan to use them in the future?

Write 120-150 words in the language you are learning to express your ideas.

Advanced Higher


Is learning a language still important in the time of Brexit?


Learning a Language allows you to access not only a country, a people but a way of life – do you agree?

Write between 250-300 words to express your opinion in the language you are learning.


The winning entries will be announced at the SALT Annual Conference in November and the winning entries will receive iTunes vouchers.

Scottish Association for Language Teaching iTunes Vouchers

Final date for entries is 26th May.

Unless you have decided to create a poster, all entries should be in a digital format and can be submitted using the entry form below.

For posters, please send your entries to:

Susan Bremner, c/o Stonelaw School, 140 Calderwood Rd, Rutherglen, Glasgow G73 3BP

Download a poster for your classroom

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