20% discount for SALT members attending the Holyrood Magazine languages event

20% discount for SALT members attending the Holyrood Magazine languages event

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SALT members are eligible for 20-percent off the ticket price for Holyrood Magazine’s Language Learning in Schools event on June 9, 2016.

Join Holyrood for an evaluation of the current provision of modern foreign language teaching in Scotland’s schools and an opportunity to explore how you can improve the number of pupils learning modern languages and increase the level of their language proficiency.

The event is aimed at professionals who are involved in the governance, planning and delivery of modern language teaching in Scotland.

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The events will be held in Central Edinburgh from 09:15 to 14:45.

Normal ticket prices are:

  • Discounted rate: £149 + VAT (Voluntary and charitable organisations with an annual income of less than £1m).
  • Reduced rate: £199 + VAT (Central government departments and agencies,
    local authorities, universities, colleges, NHS, police, professional associations and voluntary / charitable organisations with an annual income over £1m)
  • Full rate: £299 + VAT (Commercial organisations e.g. plc, Ltd, LLP)

About the event

By 2020, all pupils in Scotland are expected to learn one additional language to their mother tongue from P1, to start learning a second by P5 and to continue with these until at least S3. This 1+2 languages policy is being adopted by an increasing number of schools and the public seems to support this approach as well. Last year’s Scottish Social Attitudes Survey (SSA) showed that 89% of people in Scotland believed learning an additional language from the age of five is important. However, recent research suggests that both the numbers of pupils studying modern languages at SCFQ levels 3 to 5 as well as their attainment are declining.

What are the reasons behind this decline? How does the current education policy influence the number of children and young people learning languages and their attainment? What can teachers, local authorities and policymakers do to encourage and support more language learning?

SALT members who wish to take advantage of the special 20% discount should log in to the members’ area of the website to retrieve the discount code then click here to book. The discount code can be found under Your profile > Your membership benefits on the main menu.
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